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  • Many of the jewellery items we sell are antique, vintage pieces and have been pre-loved for many years before we found them. Sarah sources these jewels from all over the world. They may show evidence of their previous life; signs of wear, dents, scratches, oxidation, etc.

  • Jewellery items are not photographed to scale. Please check the description for the dimensions of the item and feel free to email us with any questions. 

  • Sarah Roberts is not a gemologist. The pieces she chooses are based on their overall aesthetic appeal and beauty. We try our best to accurately describe the stones in our jewellery but cannot absolutely guarantee what they have been made from or the exact era they are from. 


  • Ageing jewellery, we love it! We want the true age of the piece to be represented in all of its glory. If the item is oxidised when we acquire it, that is precisely how you will receive it.

  • If you are buying a jewelled headdress or bridal hair comb that incorporates a vintage brooch or dress clip, the vintage element will have been hand wired by Sarah to the headband in such a careful way as not to damage the vintage element. This means that it will still have the working clasp, pin or clip it originally came with (if indeed it came with a working clasp) so that if you so wish, the brooch, dress clip or such like can be removed after your wedding day. You can then wear the vintage element as it was initially intended.

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