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Gold Jewelry

My carefully selected artisans

I started my jewellery journey in 2009. During this time it has only been my designs available on my website. I came into Jewellery through my love of wedding accessories.

It has now become apparent to me I needed to open up my collections to everyone, not just my brides. My wonderful clients are the driving force behind the expansion, I am truly grateful my designs are so well received.

I am so excited to be making this move to a bigger collection. At the sametime keeping my stock to small handcrafted batches and limited editions.

With this expansion I have carefully selected some like minded and extremely talented artisan jewellers to join my collections.

We share the same values of being as Eco Friendly as possible by using recycled gold and silver, sourcing our materials from fair-trade suppliers. 
We also use reusable and recyclable packaging.
I am constantly reviewing ways to help us save our planet. If you have any comments or ways you think I can improve, please do contact me I will love to hear from you.

Please meet my carefully selected artisans below.

Much love,

Sarah xx

Meet the makers

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It's me, the female founder of this business and the designer and creator of my branded jewellery and wedding hair accessories. To read more about me and put a face to the name, please check out the "About" page.

Studio Adorn is an independent jewellery brand hand-making sustainable sterling silver and 9ct gold contemporary jewellery. Founded by Bonnie Doonan in 2017 Studio Adorn designs everyday jewellery with a unique edge. The team behind Studio Adorn is an all female powerhouse working from our sunny plant filled studio in Norwich. Over the years Studio Adorn has grown to 4 resident jewellers including founder Bonnie. Every piece of jewellery is hand crafted and made to order in house by either Bonnie, Lauren, Morgan or Brogan.


Hello, I'm Kate Bruce - a University of the Arts, London graduate and the Jeweller and founder behind Katiico Jewellery. Born in London to Ghanaian parents I take contemporary British design elements and blend them with materials that reflect my Ghanaian heritage - creating the artful, contemporary Katiico collection. One of the greatest elements in the collection is Aggry Beads, the very bead that my ancestors used to produce – which were considered so valuable that they once substituted currency in Ghana (and which are still held in high esteem in the country today). Aggry Beads are with the people of Ghana throughout every stage of their life – worn by both genders. There are beads for naming ceremonies (with beads given to babies for protection), beads for the transition into coming of age and even part of Royal regalia for state engagements. Made from glass, each Aggry Bead is completely unique and made from the same process that has held strong since the 1600s.


Baizaar features soulful and spirited jewelry handmade by empowered artisans in India and Thailand. The always evolving collection offers an adventurous mix of traditional and innovative work. Baizaar prioritizes ethical sourcing and supports fair trade practices.

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