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Welcome to my world of creativity!

I'm Sarah, a London-based hairstylist who has been styling bridal hair for over 25 years. I am also the designer and creator behind the Sarah Roberts jewellery brand, where I handcraft beautiful jewellery for everyday wear, to hair accessories and jewellery for brides, weddings and special occasions.

Embracing the spirit of individuality, I curate small, meticulously handcrafted batches that exude uniqueness and exclusivity. The allure of luxury resides in these limited-edition pieces, each thoughtfully designed to resonate with your distinct identity.

Sustainability is at the core of my creative ethos. Every facet of my process reflects a commitment to recycling, from the materials I use – recycled sterling silver and gold – to the treasures I unearth from the past, breathing new life into vintage jewellery pieces that deserve to be adored once more.

Part of my collection blends stunning vintage elements, ranging from rare signed brooches to gorgeous original Art Deco pieces. As a result, each handmade design is a unique one-of-a-kind piece.
I compliment my fabulous vintage finds with sparkling crystals, pearls and other luxurious gemstones.

Preserving the authenticity of original vintage centrepieces, I make sure they remain unaltered, allowing you the joy of detaching and wearing the vintage brooch or dress clip anew—serving as a tangible keepsake of your special occasion.

I also have an extreme desire to please, which is why I adore working with my clients. Creating stunning bespoke pieces that bring your dreams to life; this is the fire that fuels me. 

Don't hesitate to reach out and embark on a collaborative creative journey with me.

Much Love,
Sarah xx​

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